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The Future of Longitudinal Patient Records in Home Care Software

HCHB Longitudinal Patient Record

In addition to a rise in demand for current services such as home health, hospice and personal care, the industry is also calling for higher acuity care such as hospital at home and SNF at home. Palliative, chronic, primary care and even emergency care services are all finding traction within the home-based care market.

Overcoming EHR Scalability Challenges in Home-based Care


Health care in the US was already changing rapidly, but 2020 brought massive disruption to home-based care providers. Agencies began the year braced for PDGM Implementation and SIP updates, then had to pivot quickly to respond to the COVID pandemic. The increased use of telehealth and home health care offered home care agencies opportunities for expansion – both in services provided and locations. Growth carries risk, […]

5 Reasons to Leverage Homecare Software in 2021

HCHB Star Ratings

The pandemic has spurred an enormous amount of change within the home-based care industry. Many of the changes will be great in the long run, but what can agencies do to rise to the challenge as we transition to new payment standards and models of care?

Hospice Analytics Every Agency Should Track

Hospice Analytics

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the world economy, sickened millions, and forced a reassessment of how we work, live, and even how we deliver health care services. Home health agencies (HHA), in particular, may see permanent changes going forward if some temporary waivers from CMS become permanent and trickle down to Medicare Advantage and other insurance plans.