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Back Office

Faster payments and improved cash flow for a measurable ROI

HCHB - Back Office

Reduce errors and speed claims with HCHB's back office software

Nothing is more frustrating than a claim that’s held up or rejected due to a simple omission or clerical error. Our sophisticated back office software prompts users to quickly and accurately provide all necessary information, correctly formatted for each payor and integrated with their specific clinical data collection requirements.

It also eliminates extra busy work by automatically faxing patient notes and orders after each visit to physicians and facilities that need them. Virtually all of our agencies enjoy faster payments, improved cash flow and a measurable return on their investment, with the ability to:

  • Initiate “same day” authorization and payment
  • Reduce costly documentation errors and omissions
  • Avoid claim denials and required resubmissions
  • View real-time data about back office staffing and financials
  • Stay ahead of changing CMS regulations and bill accordingly

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