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Seamless connections boost speed, efficiency and compliance

HCHB Business Connect delivers seamless interoperability to share accurate, real-time data with partners, vendors, physicians, facilities, payroll and others across multiple platforms. We ensure HIPAA-compliant data transfers to eliminate redundancy and increase the speed, accuracy and efficiency of your business. Because we can share CCDs and patient data from one facility to another, we can help position your agency as the easy, logical choice for follow-up care.

For smart interoperability solutions from specific HCHB vendors, download the flyer.


Includes robust tools to analyze productivity, profits and more so you can make smarter business decisions.

Care Optimization

Analyzes client data to ensure the most appropriate care is provided to your patients.

Document Management

Manages transfer of documentation electronically – eliminates manual processes, increases employee productivity, and improves cash flow.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Automates transmission of required visit data to designated state aggregators in Open Model states, and Closed Model states where available.

General Ledger

Allows customized revenue and AR exports from HCHB to be uploaded to the agency’s general ledger.

Learning Management

Improve quality of outcomes and staff retention, and minimize onboarding costs through an online education platform for staff and patients.

Market Targeting

Using the most recent data from payment sources, these powerful tools help you to strategically grow your agencies in new territories and markets and even target specific referral sources.

Medication Management

Helps agencies provide the best medication oversight throughout the patient’s care journey.

Patient Engagement

Increase patient satisfaction and improve outcomes through cost-effective patient outreach technology.


Delivers custom payroll exports from HCHB to be uploaded into agency’s payroll application.


Electronically transfers pertinent information to pharmacy for more efficient collaboration of patient’s medication management.

Revenue Cycle

Simplifies your insurance claim processing helping to reduce your days in AR.

Speech Recognition

Increase high-quality documentation and streamline reimbursement through speech to text technology.


Automates transmission of data to survey partner.


Streamlines/automates ordering of supplies and DME to gain cost and time efficiencies.



Enables constant visibility into a patient’s health status resulting in better patient care.

Visit Documentation

Allows for specialty visit types to be transmitted into HCHB.

Wound Management

Provides tool to seamlessly manage your HCHB patients in your wound care platforms.