Clinician Satisfaction


HCHB’s #1 Initiative is Clinician Satisfaction. HCHB is proud to support the home-based care providers who make a difference.

Gold Standard Award

Gold Standard Award

HCHB’s Gold Standard Award honors home-based caregivers who utilize HCHB to provide exceptional patient care.

Using HCHB Analytics to Improve Clinician Satisfaction

HCHB - Analyzing Clinician Satisfaction Data

Homecare Homebase’s Analytics platform allows you to track and analyze data in order to gauge your organization’s clinician satisfaction. In our recent webinar, Homecare Homebase and Home Health Care News discuss key indicators to help you track clinician satisfaction and improve retention.


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Preparing for Home Health VBP

2022 is the pre-implementation year for Value Based Purchasing and 2023 is the first performance year for Home Health VBP. It is more critical than ever to understand how your agency is performing on important clinical quality metrics.