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Put the right people in the right places for exceptional care

HCHB - Smart Scheduling

Use HCHB Smart Scheduling to automate and optimize every visit

With the rapid growth of post-acute home health and hospice services, agencies are struggling to orchestrate complex care under strict compliance and performance requirements. HCHB Smart Scheduling uses complex algorithms to create highly efficient routing, mapping and home care scheduling and put the right people in the right place at the right time.

Smart Scheduling quickly assigns the exact level of required care and helps agencies cut costs, improve continuity of care and better utilize full-time employees without adding costly overtime. It also helps identify and leverage part-time expertise nearby when needed most, eliminating excess miles and expense.

Best of all, it eases the growing burden of one of the industry’s most arduous, time-consuming tasks that often requires multiple resources, drives up costs and keeps clinicians from spending quality time with the patients best matched to their skill set.

Automate Schedule

Automate scheduling up to 95% of all visit types and 64% of workflow tasks

Continuity of Care

Prioritize continuity of care

Free Up Census Capacity

Increase census without hiring more schedulers

Reduce Cost

Optimize mileage route and field staff productivity

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Automate secure messaging of patient visit reminders