HCHB Smart Scheduling

HCHB - Smart Scheduling

HCHB Smart Scheduling uses complex algorithms to create highly efficient routing, mapping and scheduling

HCHB Analytics

HCHB - HCHB Analytics

Put your data in the driver’s seat with HCHB Analytics

Coding Services

HCHB - Coding Services

Code and Review Directly Within the HCHB Platform with Corridor

Help Desk Staffing

HCHB - Help Desk

Instead of your own administrator, HCHB experts will handle everything for you


HCHB - Revenue Cycle

HCHB can help ease your back office staffing and training burden by doing the billing work for you

Back Office

HCHB - Back Office

Reduce errors and speed claims with HCHB software

Mobile PointCare

HCHB - Mobile PointCare

Intuitive software with helpful prompts to get it right the first time


HCHB - Education

EDUCATION Educate, Empower & Execute with HCHB University Keep your entire team performing at the top of your game At HCHB, we know that anyone can benefit from going “back to school” to make the most of our powerful software. Whether it’s new hires, refresher courses or advanced Homecare Homebase training in specific areas, we’re […]