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Operating Under Narrowing Margins

Creating Better Work Experiences Through Efficiency

Home Health providers are combining technology with operational process improvements to create truly innovative solutions to some of the industry’s most difficult challenges. Decreased margins, staffing challenges and rising patient acuity require organizations to provide high quality, complex care with fewer visits and resources. Watch this webinar to learn how Visiting Nurse Health System and Homecare Homebase are working together to create better work experiences for VNHS.

In this webinar you will hear:

  • Discover the link between staffing models and technology

  • Uncover keys to centralization

  • Tap into new talent through outsourcing

  • Lay the groundwork for innovation

  • Jacqueline Ralph-Blair, Chief Innovation Officer, Visiting Nurse Health System

  • Brandy Sparkman-Beierle, Sr. Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer, Homecare Homebase

  • Joyce Osborne, Director of Clinical Operations, Homecare Homebase

Visiting Nurse Health Systems Teams Up with HCHB Services

Visiting Nurse Health System (VNHS) has successfully harnessed the HCHB Services to navigate a challenging healthcare landscape, marked by narrowing margins, a growing demand for homecare services, and staffing shortages. This summary encapsulates the webinar hosted by Andrew Donlan from Home Health Care News, where key speakers from VNHS and HCHB shared their insights on operational efficiency and enhancement of caregiver support through HCHB’s services.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Efficiency amidst economic pressure: As patient acuity rises and operating costs sky-rocket, VNHS is leveraging HCHB’s offerings to maintain high-quality care without succumbing to the fiscal strain imposed by Medicare and Medicaid compensation models.
  2. Staffing challenges mitigated: the industry is facing significant hurdles due to clinical worker shortages. The partnership with HCHB helps to address workforce deficits by optimizing clinician workload and creating consistent schedules, reducing burnout and improving staff retention.
  3. Revolutionizing intake processes: VNHS has achieved a robust intake process by outsourcing to HCHB. This strategic move allowed for a more structured approach, advancing accuracy in data collection and enabling quicker response times—an essential move for timely patient care initiation.
  4. Centralization for sustained growth: A pivotal step for VNHS was the centralization of its intake department, which brought about a notable 12.5% cost savings in the first year, significant improvements in clinician engagement, and a reduction in nurse turnover by 8%.
  5. Outsourcing as a strategic lever: By choosing to outsource select functions, VNHS could reallocate resources to areas that bolster the core mission—delivering exceptional care. This provided a mechanism for sustainable growth and enabled VNHS to focus on its strategic plan for the coming years.
  6. Analytics to address non-admissions: HCHB’s team captures non-admission data equipping VNHS with valuable insights, that allows them to understand operational inefficiencies and market share opportunities. This information also helps align their strategy and performance goals.
  7. The importance of strong partnerships: With a focus on trust, collaboration, and mutual goal alignment, VNHS leveraged HCHB’s team to create a seamless extension of their workforce, demonstrating an effective outsourced partnership.
  8. Flexibility and scalability: HCHB Services display flexibility and are scalable for any size organization, offering customized efficiency solutions that align with the individual goals and pain points of different agencies.


This webinar showcases how VNHS’s partnership with HCHB helps the organization navigate the complexities of modern-day homecare by promoting innovation, optimizing processes, and ensuring efficiency. The centralization of intake processes, staff optimization, and utilization of data analytics emerged as critical elements that enhanced VNHS’s capability to provide exceptional patient care while managing their bottom line in a competitive environment. Contact us to learn more about how HCHB Services can help your organization.

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