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Hospice Care Game Changer

Using Predictive Analytics Software to Improve Care Quality and Clinician Satisfaction

Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Care Quality and Clinician Satisfaction

Join us for a candid conversation and learn how Knute Nelson incorporated predictive analytics into their hospice care in a way that proved value in only five days. You will find out how agencies can use technology to improve staff experience as well as patient and family satisfaction. And get tips on how to make the most out of a predictive analytics tool for hospice from KaLee Mohrman of Knute Nelson, Tom Maxwell of Muse Healthcare and Jon Higginbotham of Homecare Homebase.

What you’ll learn:

  • Tips for implementing game-changing EHR and hospice predictive analytics software
  • How Knute Nelson learned to predict a patient’s decline with over 95% accuracy in under a month
  • How clinicians can use data to improve patient care and make their jobs easier
  • How to use predictive analytics to improve patient and family satisfaction

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