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Healthcare for Silver Years to Aid Encompass Health (EHC)

Encompass Health Corp. EHC is poised to grow on the back of an aging population, which should spur long-term demand for the services provided by the company to the said category of customers. It is the largest owner and operator in the inpatient rehabilitation space, the fourth largest in the home health space and the 11th largest in the hospice space. The company caters to patients with an average age of 76 in the hospitals and 77 in the home health and thus it benefits from the segment of senior citizens. It’s just that people with increasing age, require services that the company provides and demand for the same rises with each passing year. Encomp

ass Health’s strategy is to gain from the market overlap by having positioned both an inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF)and a home health agency in the same marketplace, typically within a 30-mile radius. This allows the company to easily coordinate the services and facilitate the transition of patients from leaving the hospital premises to going into home health.