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The Path to Painless Medication Management

Better Medication Management

Medication management is a vital part of hospice care delivery that comes with a set of unique challenges for caregivers, patients and organizations. Join Heart to Heart Hospice and Homecare Homebase for a webinar exploring strategies and tactics to help make the medication management process as painless as possible.

In this webinar you will hear:

  • Common medication management challenges
  • Using Med Kits to improve hospice care
  • Easing staff workload
  • Improving patient experiences
  • Sandy Griffiths, Sr. Product Manager, Homecare Homebase

  • Patrick McPherson, Sr VP, EMR Operations, Heart to Heart Hospice

Heart to Heart Saves Time and Money with HCHB Medication Kits

This webinar hosted by Hospice News, details the journey that Heart to Heart Hospice took to improve their medication management processes and how one of HCHB’s new features affected these changes.

The HCHB Medication Kits feature was designed to save hospice agencies a significant amount of time during admissions visits. The feature allows hospice agencies create standardized medication kits that include important information around dosages, medication usage etc. all in a single easy to locate kit. Clinicians can then choose which medications to apply to their patient’s care plan.

When Heart to Heart Hospice learned about this new Homecare Homebase feature, the organization saw an opportunity to review and improve their entire medication management process. The result has led to a high adoption rate of HCHB Medication Kits, impressive time savings on admissions visits using medication kits (28.5 minutes) and cost savings.

Heart to Heart Hospice ultimately used this opportunity to review and improve their entire formulary. Capturing insights and recommendations from every aspect of the team from clinical management to their in-house pharmacist. They discovered the best approach for their organization was to create medication kits based on symptoms and level of care rather than diagnosis. What resulted was a list of 32 different med kits that included directions to help clinicians ensure their medication documentation is both standardized and patient-specific.

Once the medication kits were complete, Heart to Heart Hospice conducted clinical testing and completed education of their entire clinical workforce to help them understand the best way to use the medication kits. The result has been a 65% adoption rate with only four support tickets for this feature.

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