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Shepherding Change

Rising to Challenges in 2023

Rising to Challenges in 2023

The Home Health industry is no stranger to change, but few leaders embrace change as enthusiastically as Holly Chaffee and Brandy Sparkman-Beierle. Watch the Care Central VNA President and CEO and Homecare Homebase Chief Clinical Officer discuss Home Health trends and strategies for tackling industry challenges and organizational change. In this webinar, we will explore:

  • How Care Central VNA is tackling staffing retention and recruiting challenges
  • Growth opportunities for the home health industry
  • Workforce optimization strategies
  • How to prepare for regulatory changes on the horizon
  • How to shepherd change across an organization


  • Holly Chaffee, President and CEO, Care Central VNA
  • Brandy Sparkman-Beierle, Chief Clinical Officer

2023 Growth opportunities for home health

Home Health agencies identified opportunities for increasing revenue and expanding partnerships and service lines in 2023. Home Health saw a spike in the need for high acuity care in the home. In fact 51% of respondents for the 2023 Home Health Care News Outlook Survey indicated interest in pursing higher-acuity care in the home for the first time. Pursuing new services, improving processes and streamlining costs all require one thing. Change.

Change in the workplace is often met with extreme resistance, especially when it comes to technology. Employees inundated by work are stressed when faced with the idea of learning new systems or tools. For Holly Chaffee and Brandy Sparkman-Beierle, change is not the enemy, it’s something to be passionate about.

Shepherding change within your team

While change is important for the growth of any company, Holly Chaffee has a number of guidelines that help teams embrace change. It’s important to explain:

  • Why you’re making the change
  • How you’re making the change
  • How the change will affect each team member

It’s not enough to simply communicate however, it’s important to include your team in the process from the beginning. Give them a seat at the table and listen to their feedback. Then set up clear expectations and processes that encourage accountability.

Watch the full webinar at the top of this page to learn more about leveraging technology for change or review the webinar brief summarizing the discussion. Ready to take the next step? Contact our sales representatives to learn more.

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