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Press Release

Setting New Industry Standards Using HCHB Smart Scheduling

Homecare HomebaseSM (HCHB), a prominent software provider for home-based care, has partnered with Amedisys, a leading national home health and hospice care provider, to implement HCHB Smart Scheduling in their home health division. This innovative automation solution aims to optimize caregiver allocation and streamline administrative tasks, benefiting Amedisys’ extensive network of 344 home health care centers across 37 states.

Christi Fanning, VP of Operational Excellence for Home Health at Amedisys, highlighted the critical role of seamless integration in their decision to adopt HCHB Smart Scheduling. The primary goals were to enhance efficiency, automate repetitive tasks, and ensure clinicians operate at the top of their licensure, leading to marked improvements in LPN and PTA visit completions.

Stephanie Schank, Program Manager at Amedisys, emphasized the transformative impact of Smart Scheduling, stating that up to 70% of visits are now scheduled through this system. The automation of mundane tasks has enabled staff to focus on more complex responsibilities, substantially improving operational efficiency.

Gary Voydanoff, Chief Revenue Officer at Homecare Homebase, lauded the success of Smart Scheduling at Amedisys. Over 2.2 million visits have been successfully scheduled, achieving more than 40% automation in scheduling workflows. This significant progress has allowed Patient Services Coordinators to manage urgent scheduling needs more effectively and enhanced overall administrative capacity.

One of the most notable achievements of Smart Scheduling has been the maintenance and enhancement of continuity of care. Despite the industry’s staffing challenges, Amedisys has sustained stable continuity of care, earning praise from both patients and clinical staff for their commitment to quality.

The implementation process across 344 care centers encountered minimal resistance, attributed to meticulous preparation, effective communication, and robust support systems. This smooth transition underscores the transformative potential of Smart Scheduling, delivering positive outcomes and fostering satisfaction among schedulers and clinicians.

The strategic adoption of HCHB Smart Scheduling by Amedisys has set new industry standards, significantly enhancing efficiency, caregiver allocation, and continuity of care. This innovative solution has alleviated administrative burdens while improving patient and clinician experiences.

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