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Press Release

HCHB Revenue Cycle Services Increases Visibility and Flexibility for AngMar Management Services

AngMar Management Services shared some of the improvements the organization has seen to their financial processes after implementing HCHB’s Revenue Cycles Services (RCS) solution. Homecare Homebase (HCHB) offers software solutions and services to streamline operations. AngMar Management Services, operating 86 branches across 10 states, sought a solution for its billing and collections challenges that would enhance visibility, efficiency and flexibility in its financial operations.

The HCHB RCS team has provided AngMar with real-time data for better financial oversight, collaborated with the organization to streamline internal processes, and offered scalability to adapt to growth without significant staffing changes. Katy Ramsey, vice president of operations at AngMar, noted significant improvements in collections and reduced operational costs. She emphasized that the partnership allowed for more strategic business decisions and adaptability to changing business needs.

The implementation of HCHB Revenue Cycle Services has led to marked improvements. AngMar has notably increased its collections percentage, reduced costs, and better addressed payer inconsistencies. The company has also been able to refocus its in-house staff on core business functions and collaboration on specific billing issues.

Luke Rutledge, Chief Commercial Officer at HCHB, expressed satisfaction with the partnership’s outcomes, highlighting how enhanced financial visibility has translated into increased efficiency and better patient care. Moving forward, AngMar plans to utilize HCHB Analytics capabilities further to refine its processes and establish best practices.

The press release underscores the successful synergy between HCHB’s services and technological solutions with AngMar’s operational needs, resulting in tangible financial and operational benefits.

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