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Mayo Clinic Receives Grant to Improve Telehealth Technology

May 132020

Patients looking for remote medical assistance will soon have easier access to health care visits over the internet. Mayo Clinic Health System received a $1 million grant from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to implement video telehealth services and remote patient monitoring. The grant will be spread out across 50 Mayo locations in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Funds will be used to improve technology for telehealth video conferencing to help slow the spread of COVID-19

Doctors within the health system say this is also a great way to use personal protective equipment (PPE) more efficiently. We can bring in telehealth videoing so if we want to check back in with a patient we can just video in and see how they’re doing, see if they have questions,” said Dr. Sue Cullinan. Rather than putting PPE on again and going back in. So, it saves on PPE as well as giving the patient an opportunity to connect with us and not feel isolated in a room. So, I think that’s really important.” Cullinan said the new telehealth technology will give people who are home-bound and the elderly easier access to remote health care visits.