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A Blueprint for Telehealth Success for Skilled Nursing Facilities

April 152020

With a high-risk patient population and razor-thin business margins, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) have been adopting telehealth platforms to reduce costly re-hospitalizations and improve clinical outcomes and staff morale. And with the nation in the grip of the COVID-19 outbreak, the number of SNFs turning to connected health has soared. But it’s not as easy as buying a telemedicine cart, plugging it in, and watching it work. SNF administrators have to plan carefully by picking the right partner and technology and laying the necessary groundwork so that the system works as expected. 

One misstep could prove costly, perhaps even dangerous. This is more than about just the technology,” says Brian Carpenter, National Medical Director of Telehospitalist Services for Sound Physicians. It’s about getting ready for the clinical delivery changes that telemedicine will bring to your facility.”