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HCHB Platform

Shake it up and shape up

Get your agency in shape for 2024

Getting in shape is one of the most popular personal resolutions at the beginning of each year, but what would “getting in shape” look like for your agency? Does it mean “getting leaner financially and operationally, or do you need to bulk up your approach to analytics and clinician satisfaction? HCHB is the EHR solution that can help your home-based care agency get in shape this year.

HCHB Get in Shape

Improve Your Compliance Health

To get in shape, agencies must maintain their compliance health by making sure their documentation and processes meet all regulatory requirements, while providing caregivers with the flexibility and resources they need to provide individualized care. HCHB will always update our software to conform with the latest regulatory requirements. Homecare Homebase goes above and beyond to  help organizations optimize their processes for the latest regulatory standards and customize the EHR software to their organizations’ needs.

Already an HCHB customer? Check in with your Account Executive to learn how our Clinical Analysts and Client Success team can help your organization reach its 2024 goals or contact our team here.

HCHB Services

Let HCHB Revenue Cycle & Intake Services Do the Heavy Lifting

You shouldn’t have to lay awake at night wondering if you’re going to get paid for the services you provide. Let HCHB Services take the weight off your shoulder and do the heavy financial lifting for your team. HCHB Intake Services help set your care team up for success, making sure you have all of the administrative boxes checked so your care team can focus on what they do best…providing exceptional care. At the end of the process, HCHB Revenue Cycle Services (RCS) experts ensure your claims have what they need for approval and manage the collections process.

HCHB Intelligence

Bulk Up Your Data for Better Clinician Satisfaction

Homecare Homebase captures the data your agency needs to measure clinician productivity, performance and turnover risk. HCHB helps you easily view the data you need to identify opportunities to improve workforce satisfaction. Partnering with HCHB allows you to start meaningful conversations with your staff about training, work-life balance and areas of improvement for the agency. HCHB will connect you with the data you need to:

HCHB Intelligence

Get Lean with Smart Scheduling

Scheduling affects every part of the care journey, from intake claims and is a major factor in clinician and patient satisfaction. It’s also a time consuming and often difficult process when you take staffing shortages and patient needs into account. Homecare Homebase is helping our clients simplify scheduling with HCHB Smart Scheduling. This software add-on will automatically schedule as many visits as possible and allow schedulers to focus on the visits that require human intervention.