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Hospice Agencies

Because our hospice software solutions were developed “by nurses for nurses” we understand the unique, complex and sensitive needs of hospice agencies. By automating hospice management – from referrals, scheduling and intake, to IDG, billing and bereavement workflow – we give caregivers the most important gift of all: more quality time with their patients and families. 

You’ll spend less time doing paperwork, and more time providing care and support.

Homecare Homebase is  the nation’s #1 homecare and hospice software. Use it to streamline your hospice agency operations with true real-time workflow management onsite, and seamless back-office procedures.

The Hospice Software Leader

Homecare Homebase has played a role in revolutionizing the home health and hospice industry. Our software solutions service over 675,000 patients every day, accounting for more than 30% of the annual Medicare revenue for home health and hospice.

Explore our advanced features:

Software Made For Nurses By Nurses

Our hospice software runs on handheld Android tablets and smart phones, with data held securely “in the cloud”. This gives the care team real-time status and information, in the palm of their hand.

Homecare Homebase hospice software works the way the end-of-life situation does: round the clock, 24/7. True real-time data capture and workflow management means that the full story of the patient is known and available at all times, from onsite to back office – allowing caregivers greater ease with actions such as:

  • View their schedule.
  • Get clinical guidance and know when to call the doctor.
  • Complete documentation onsite for greater accuracy and timeliness.
  • Manage pain medications.
  • Contact family members at critical junctures and with correct education.
  • Follow calendar scheduling for bereavement workflow.

Powerful Back Office Software

Homecare Homebase gives agency owners and managers full visibility into their hospice operation. In-depth scheduling, billing and reporting features allow you to provide more beneficial end-of-life care.

  • Maximize staff activity through efficient scheduling.
  • Standardize and automate procedures for better work flow.
  • Manage bereavement workflow: add personnel, activate reminders, send letters, recommend support, flag the spouse for extra attention, etc.
  • Track all IDG and family communications, for care and compliance.
  • View real-time data on staffing and financials.
  • Speed reimbursement, audit billing oversights, initiate “same day” authorization and payment.
  • Reduce costly documentation errors and omissions.
  • Stay ahead of changing CMS regulations.

Ensure Compliance

The Homecare Homebase team of compliance experts is dedicated to staying abreast of issues and requirements. As regulations change, we pass new requirements to you through frequent software updates and online training.

No Hardware To Purchase or Maintain

Our homecare software runs on a cloud-based environment managed by our professional IT staff.  That means everyone in your agency always has reliable access to your most current, up-to-date data. And your agency’s valuable patient data is securely stored in our state-of-the-art hosting facility. 

For Hospice Agencies, Large and Small

Homecare Homebase software works for any scale of operation, bringing to full potential the resources of even small and mid-sized hospice agencies.

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