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The country’s top home health and hospice agencies use HCHB software. You should, too.

Empowering exceptional care for patients and families nationwide

10 of the Top 10 home health providers count on HCHB software

8 of the Top 10 hospice agencies use our customized solutions

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Powerful software to streamline all your agency processes

Homecare Homebase helps you streamline everything from referrals, scheduling, visit documentation, workflow and compliance to medications, referrals and billing. We’re leading the way for home health and hospice agencies nationwide, using advanced software and robust data reporting to drive consistent growth, sustained profitability and exceptional patient care. Count on us to help you master today’s complex pay-for-performance models and PDGM along with other upcoming challenges.

Home Health

HCHB software helps with every aspect of your home health business


Our specialized hospice software puts patients and families first

Customer Testimonial

HCHB has positively impacted every area of what we do – and who we are.”

Konnie Evans | VP of Home Care and Hospice | Knute Nelson