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Press Release

St. Croix Hospice Receives MUSE Trailblazer Award for Adopting Machine Learning Technology

June 23, 2020

Minnesota hospice is recognized for their adoption and innovation in caring for patients.

ST. PAUL, Minn.-June 23, 2020 — MUSE Healthcare (www​.muse​hc​.com), the premier organization used to enhance end-of-life care with world-class analytics, has partnered with Homecare Homebase (www​.hchb​.com) to announce St. Croix Hospice as the winner of the MUSE Trailblazer Award. The award signifies the successful use of MUSE’s technology and insights to achieve the highest quality of patient care. St. Croix Hospice is the first ever organization to receive the award. The award is given to one hospice provider annually that truly shows adoption and innovation in caring for patients.

Co-founder and CEO, Bryan Mosher and Co-founder and President, Jennifer Maxwell, formed a detailed selection committee to review all customers that use MUSE technologies. The selection criteria reviewed the number of patients impacted by the technology, the use of the tools to care for patients at the end of life, and feedback throughout the process. St. Croix Hospice was an early adopter and continues to provide quality feedback that will enhance the technology for years to come. Their expertise and innovative thought leader programs will truly change the way hospice patients are given care.

Executive Director of Quality at St. Croix Hospice, Ashley Arnold (RN), noted the importance of the award for the agency. ​“It is an honor for the staff at St. Croix Hospice to be recognized for the care we provide every day. The partnership with MUSE has been amazing. It’s helped us to ensure we are there for our patients when they need us most.” 

Chief Clinical Officer at St. Croix Hospice, Mandy Cogswell (RN), was especially eager to share how MUSE has shaped their clinical strategy. ​“MUSE has helped us identify patient needs. It’s not only allowed us to increase our nursing visits at the end of life, but also support provided by our chaplains, social workers and hospice aides. We only have one chance to care for these patients, enabling our clinicians to have all the tools needed to make the right decision at the right time is the St. Croix Hospice way.” 

About St. Croix Hospice

Founded in 2009 in Oakdale, Minnesota, St. Croix Hospice delivers expert hospice care to patient with life-limiting illnesses. St. Croix Hospice prides itself on providing personalized care to meet each patient and family’s individual needs. The agency serves more than 75 percent of Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin; eastern Kansas and Nebraska; and western Missouri from 35 branch offices. St. Croix Hospice provides care in private residences, skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities. Care is available 247, and appointments and admits are offered via telehealth when needed. Unique services such as the North Star Dementia Program and Voyage Vigil Program offer comprehensive support and proactive symptom management to patients and their families. For more information, visit stcroix​hos​pice​.com.

About Homecare Homebase

Homecare Homebase (HCHB) is a Dallas-based software leader offering hosted, cloud-based solutions to streamline operations, simplify compliance and boost clinical and financial outcomes for homecare and hospice agencies. Our customized mobile solutions enable real-time, wireless data exchange and communication between field clinicians, physicians and office staff for better care, more accurate reporting and faster payment. Founded by industry veterans in 1999, the company is now part of the Hearst Health network. For more information visit hchb​.com or call toll-free at 1-866-535-HCHB (4242).

About MUSE Healthcare

Muse Healthcare was founded in 2019 by three leading hospice industry professionals — Jennifer Maxwell, Tom Maxwell and Bryan Mosher. Their mission is to equip clinicians with world-class analytics to ensure every hospice patient transitions with unparalleled quality and dignity. Muse’s predictive model considers hundreds of thousands of data points from millions of visits to identify which hospice patients are most likely to transition within 7-12 days. The science that powers Muse is considered a true deep learning neural network – the only one of its kind in the hospice space. When hospice care providers can more accurately predict when their patients will transition, they can ensure their patients and their patients’ families receive the care that matters most in the final days and final hours of a patient’s life. For more information, visit muse​hc​.com.