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Press Release

McLeod Health Upgrades to Homecare Homebase Software

February 12, 2019

Dallas, TX – Homecare Homebase (HCHB), the nation’s #1 home health mobile software, has announced that McLeod Health, a South Carolina-based provider of home health and hospice services has signed on as their latest agency client. 

Bryan Brandon, VP of Home Health & Hospice Operations at McLeod, said the agency had been in discussion with HCHB for nearly a year, looking at ways to streamline workflow, reduce paperwork and improve the quality of patient care. After an initial software demo and ROI analysis, McLeod executives conducted onsite visits to other agencies already using the software. 

“We were initially impressed that 4 out of 5 top home health agencies were using HCHB software,” said Brandon. ​“When we saw the system in action, it was clear that this software was above and beyond anything else out there.”

With increasingly complex regulatory requirements and the growth of ​“pay for
performance” in health care, McLeod needed one powerful solution for both home care and hospice that was intuitive, efficient and offered better metrics for performance and documentation.

“HCHB software makes it easier and faster for field clinicians to dot every i and cross every t – all right there in our patients’ homes. The prompts and workflow mean that all documentation is in order so things are far less likely to slip through the cracks,” said Brandon.

With the 2019 implementation of PDGM, Medicare’s most comprehensive regulatory change in decades, agencies across the country are beefing up their data and software systems for bulletproof documentation and better compliance.

For Brandon, it was ​“icing on the cake” to know that HCHB is already taking steps to address PDGM and to keep users informed through webinars, updates and training as the implementation date draws nearer. ​“We’re going into this knowing we’ve got the best solution out there,” added Brandon.

About McLeod Health

Recognized nationally for its quality and safety initiatives, McLeod Health has a leading regional presence in Northeastern South Carolina and Southeastern North Carolina and a dedication to the health of the more than one million residents of those communities it serves from the midlands to the coast. McLeod is also constantly seeking to improve its patient care with efforts that are physician led, data-driven and evidence-based.

Founded in 1906, McLeod Health is a locally owned and managed, not for profit organization supported by the strength of approximately 750members on its medical staff and more than 2,000 registered nurses. McLeod Health is also composed of approximately 8,500 employees and more than 90 physician practices throughout its 18-county service area. With seven hospitals, McLeod Health operates three Health and Fitness Centers, a Sports Medicine and Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, a Behavioral Health Center, Hospice, and Home Health Services. The hospitals within McLeod Health include: McLeod Regional Medical Center, McLeod Health Darlington, McLeod Health Dillon, McLeod Health Loris, McLeod Health Seacoast, McLeod Health Cheraw and McLeod Health Clarendon. On the coast, the McLeod Health Carolina Forest complex has opened the first two of seven medical park office buildings. Multiple physician practices occupy these two office buildings as an extension of McLeod Health Seacoast. This 43-acre outpatient medical campus is designed to provide services to meet the healthcare needs of residents within and around the Carolina Forest area.

About Homecare Homebase

Homecare Homebase (HCHB) is a Dallas-based software leader offering hosted, cloud based solutions to streamline operations, simplify compliance and boost clinical and financial outcomes for homecare and hospice agencies. Our customized mobile solutions enable real-time, wireless data exchange and communication between field clinicians, physicians and office staff for better care, more accurate reporting and faster payment. Founded by industry veterans in 1999, the company is now part of the Hearst Health network. For more information visit hchb​.com or call us toll-free at 1-866-535-HCHB (4242).

About Hearst Health

The Hearst Health network includes FDB(First Databank), Zynx HealthMCGHomecare HomebaseMedHOK and Hearst Health Ventures (www​.hearsthealth​.com). Hearst also holds a minority interest in the precision medicine and oncology analytics company M2Gen. The mission of Hearst Health is to help guide the most important care moments by delivering vital information into the hands of everyone who touches a person’s health journey. Each year in the U.S., care guidance from Hearst Health reaches 85 percent of discharged patients, 205 million insured individuals, 77 million home health visits and 3.2 billion dispensed prescriptions.