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Cutting-edge technology and intuitive software for empowering exceptional care

Drive expert patient care at every step

Homecare Homebase was started by industry veterans in 1999 to tackle the real-world challenges of nurses on the front lines of home health care. With the steady growth and evolution of services, we’ve expanded into a comprehensive and innovative platform to support the evolving needs of home-based care.

Over the years, we’ve partnered with some of the brightest minds in software technology and online learning. Today’s HCHB delivers powerful new tools and intuitive software that’s easy to learn and use.

Our cloud-based software will streamline every aspect of your business. From scheduling, routing, patient notes and reporting to intake, approvals, billing, compliance and payment, we give you everything you need to boost productivity and profits while empowering exceptional patient care.

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HCHB Platform

Our core solution gives you one simple, scalable mobile software for clinical excellence, along with expert back office functionality to empower exceptional patient care from start to finish.

HCHB Services

New HCHB Services can handle more of the administrative workload for you, giving you more time to focus on patients. You'll boost staff resources and productivity with better cash flow and profits.

HCHB Intelligence

HCHB Intelligence puts complex data right at your fingertips, so you can use it to make smarter business decisions, measure key performance indexes and enhance patient outcomes.

HCHB Connect

Interoperability across multiple platforms is the new standard in home-based care. Our interoperability solutions make it easy to stay connected with the larger healthcare ecosystem.


From clinical productivity to back office and billing, our efficiency experts can give you a detailed plan of action to optimize all your critical areas for increased productivity and profits.


Our robust online learning tools are a great resource for new hires or anyone who needs a refresher course. Or, you can choose customized onsite or virtual courses catered to your specific needs.

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Customer Spotlight

The partnership with HCHB has been a game changer for us in so many ways – including PDGM.”

Bill Giammaruti | COO of Southeastern Home Health