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The #1 software for number crunchers

The numbers have never looked better

Homecare Homebase offers powerful products to analyze data, streamline scheduling, enhance patient care and deliver an exceptional ROI on your investment.

HCHB Analytics slices, dices and serves up detailed metrics so you can benchmark and track KPIs to help capture every dollar and stay on track for long-term success.

New HCHB Smart Scheduling uses sophisticated algorithms to automatically schedule 85% or more of your routine visits, sending the most appropriate, cost-efficient clinician to the right patient at the right time — saving you and your staff time, money and hassle.

And our hospice customers can now leverage new deep neural learning technology through our exclusive partnership with Muse Healthcare, with a new predictive model that can better predict patient transitions and ensure increased visits when the patients need them most. This tool not only enhances care, it boosts family satisfaction and builds stronger referral relationships.

Now’s the time to put your numbers to work for you. Choose Homecare Homebase — the industry’s #1 software for home-based care.

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