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HCHB Personal Care

Simplify your Personal Care operations with HCHB

From EVV compliance to multiple care plans, constantly changing schedules and a variety of complex, state-based payer relationships, your Personal Care business faces its share of complications.

Homecare Homebase delivers an EMR solution that handles multiple reimbursement models, extended periods of care, and more. In other words, our specialty is untangling complications.

At the Point of Care

Support mobile caregivers with a “bring your own device” (BYOD) model that includes:

  • Real-time GPS and historical timeline map
  • Android and iOS compatibility
  • Secure HIPAA 2-way messaging
  • Patient-specific and visit-specific care plans

  • “Change in condition” alerting

Agency Management Tools

Intake Workflow

  • Tailored to personal care services

Authorization Management 

  • Automated workflows allowing unit-based authorization with limits by day, week, month or period
  • Track and manage under- and over-servicing for clients

Revenue Cycle Management 

  • Designed to reduce denials and re-bills
  • Supports timely filing, retroactive rate changes and automated eligibility checks
  • Expanded billing capability for split claims, shift aggregation and unique programs

EVV Integration

  • Claims release and invoice matching
  • Automate exception management
  • Secondary claims status reporting


  • Utilize a master schedule for all service lines with the ability to match clients with caregivers that have the correct skills for their needs
  • Track and reduce over-utilization with real-time visit variance
  • Real-time visibility into caregiver availability
  • Schedule and track supervisory visits based on payer settings

Worker Management

  • Supports frequency-based discipline and payroll flexibilities
  • Track supervisory visits by completed dates, due dates and payor rules
  • Account for county and city minimum wage rules
  • Alerts and controls for expiring items

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Find out why we’re the nation’s #1 home-based care software

Homecare Homebase was built from the ground up by home health care professionals intent on creating smarter, more intuitive tools to serve patients. In the 25 years since, every new feature and every product has had to prove itself in service of this mission—to reduce headaches and enable exceptional care. Over two million patients are taken care of in HCHB each year with hundreds of thousands of caregivers in the field. Let’s set you up with a demo, and you’ll quickly see why HCHB is the preferred choice for home-based care.

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