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Hospice Caretakers Provide End-of-Life Care Amid Pandemic

April 152020

Health care workers have become our heroes on the front lines combating the Coronavirus. That extends to home health workers involved in end-of-life care. Gov. Bill Lee is advocating to protect the elderly from the Coronavirus, calling on Tennesseans to be vigilant in protecting older family members. We know this is especially serious for our neighbors who are elderly, and this is why we must all take this seriously, even if you’re not in the vulnerable population,” he said. That includes people with terminal illnesses: those in hospice care. 

Director of Operations of Amedisys home health care in Elizabethon, Hannah Counts, said the Coronavirus has brought changes to the care of hospice patients. Our employees are doing a self-screening in the morning to ensure their health and well being,” said Counts. The screenings include taking their temperatures every morning before work, and wearing gloves and protective masks into every home. Just really making sure we’re having a heightened sense of infection prevention during this time,” she said. Saying goodbye to a loved one is difficult enough without a pandemic, but Counts says the most important goal is to protect patients and their families during end of life care.