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Home Health forecast stormy? We got you.

Run smoother, more profitably, no matter the climate

Running a home health agency is like predicting the weather, you have to be prepared to pivot when the unexpected occurs. HCHB has been helping agencies anticipate and plan for industry conditions for more than 20 years. Let us help you:

  • Create back office efficiencies in key areas like scheduling, intake and revenue cycle management
  • Plan for the future with analytics showing the potential impact regulatory changes will have on your agency
  • Share data displaying the impact of change management efforts
  • Alert key leaders if specific thresholds are met
  • Serve multiple service lines within a single platform
  • Ensure required documentation is completed

Homecare Homebase wants to help your team stay prepared for “rain or shine”.


Clinician Satisfaction Headwinds

Does tackling clinician satisfaction feel like walking into the wind? HCHB helps you be proactive about staff retention by capturing key indicators of clinician productivity, care quality and turnover risk. Partnering with Homecare Homebase allows you to start meaningful conversations with your staff about training, work-life balance and areas of improvement for the agency. Now you can:

  • Leverage our clinician satisfaction dashboard for happier clinicians and reduced turnover
  • Track and analyze key field productivity metrics like mileage and documentation time (in home and outside the home)
  • Assess how major regulatory updates like OASIS E have affected clinician performance

“Whenever we at HCHB are faced with any type of major regulatory change like OASIS E, we’re never just thinking about compliance and updates. We’re always thinking about performance, efficiency and the experience of our customers. And I think this is a good example of the approach we were able to provide to our customers. We work with them not only to make the transition, but to make it with minimal pain and maximum success.”

Scott Pattillo | Chief Strategy Officer | Homecare Homebase

Attract and retain the best clinicians with the industry’s #1 software

The Payor Forecast Calls for Measuring Outcomes

Between Medicare’s HHVBP and an increased Medicare Advantage presence, measuring outcomes has become essential to success.

Home health agencies must track care quality and prove their ability to pass savings onto payors. HCHB provides the data you need to:

  • Establish risk-based payor contracts
  • Negotiate the value conversation with MA payors
  • Ensure your performance data is in line with VBP requirements

Is your data visible?


Join the productive, profitable agencies that use HCHB

From start-ups to the country’s largest home-based care organizations, Home Health agencies are reaping the benefits that come from using Homecare Homebase. Our customers are:

  • Remarkable, having an average star rating of 3.9
  • Proudly providing home health, hospice and personal care
  • In every state of the USA

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