Home Health & Hospice Weekly News Roundup

Our weekly list of news, reports, and information about home health and hospice care. Learn about new studies, trends, CMS regulations and more.

Home Health Probe-and-Educate Round Two Kicks Off in Florida

The second round of probe-and-educate reviews is getting underway, with home health agencies in Florida the first to be affected. As they did in the first round, the MAC reviewers will be looking at the claims to ensure that agencies are in compliance with Medicare eligibility and payment requirements.

GAO Says Medicaid Needs More Consistency in Home Care Programs

A newly released report from the federal Government Accountability Office (GAO) says that with regard to Medicaid, "CMS Could Do More to Harmonize Requirements across Programs" to unify and harmonize the federal program requirements for programs that provide personal care services.

Home Health Care May Do More Than Just Support Seniors in Need

There’s a basic difference between home health care and an in home care provider. Those within the industry certainly understand the difference, but many family members of those in need might not be as adept at understanding those subtle differences.

CMS Finalizes Mandatory Cardiac Bundled Care Initiative

Hospitals will be looking to partner with cost efficient post-cute care providers. Home health care is the least costly of all post-acute care settings, with home health agencies continually rising to the challenge of caring for sicker and frailer patients.