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With real-time data right at your fingertips, you’ll always be prepared with smart answers to help manage and maximize your resource allocation, cash flow and profitability. At the heart of our data analytics engine is a robust business tool that includes a customizable dashboard for monitoring your own pre-selected performance indicators at a glance.  

You can also delve deeper, with features that allow you to proactively compare trends and activity -- including episodes, length of stay and revenue by branch, service line, caregiver and referral source.  In fact, you can leverage data in more precise ways than ever.  And that's becoming increasingly important when working with ACOs, Community Care Management and Population Health Initiatives that require a high degree of data integrity, accountability and accessibility to a patient's entire circle of care.

Knowledgelink HH Clinical Outcomes
Clinical Outcomes Sample
Knowledgelink Average Length of Stay
Average Length of Stay Sample
Knowledgelink HH Revenue Model
Revenue Model Sample
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